Monday, April 16, 2007

Win a Free Bike Tour!

For the second time, we're running a contest with Team Estrogen where the winner wins a free bike tour with WomanTours. Last year, Kathleen from Albuquerque's name was drawn and she is going on our Teton TuneUp tour this summer. This year, the winner could be you!

No purchase necessary. Be sure to check out the Team Estrogen site while you're there. They have wonderful deals on fabulous bicycling clothes. The contest ends May 7, 2007. Just click here to enter the sweepstakes. Good luck!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Free Cross Country DVD

If you're thinking about how wonderful it would be to bicycle across the country with WomanTours, then this is the DVD for you. Take the 6-minute journey without every moving from your television or computer. Lisa Burd directed and produced this wonderful glimpse of life on the cycling road. It will give you a taste of the adventure and probably make you laugh out loud. Call or email us for your free copy. 800-247-1444 or

For information about her feature-length documentary, see Lisa's website.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Famous for a Day

WomanTours and I are famous for a day, or at least the morning. The local Rochester Democrat and Chronicle ran this article about me and the company today. My relatives, an old high school friend, and a fitness guru trying to get his mother interested in a tour have all contacted me. It's been fun!

Click here for the newspaper article.