Sunday, December 09, 2007

Yellowstone Tour

There was a treat in my email inbox last Tuesday. It was a copy of a letter written to someone interested in our Yellowstone tour. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Hi Jan-

I highly recommend this tour, and traveling with WomanTours
generally. Food was excellent: lots of great snack materials to take
along in the am, or make your own breakfast. Great lunches along the
way, made in the back of the van in the WT kitchen. Fabulous dinners!
We ate at a couple 2-3? of the best restaurants in the region, all
included in the price. All the food was fine with the exception of
one so-so breakfast at a motel. The accommodations in the park are
fabulous-some big lodges, some groups of cabins. You will not be
disappointed. There was just one motel, one night, noted above, that
was certainly adequate but not special. (Their pool was nice,

The only van shuttling required was going from Yellowstone to Grand
Teton Park; the park services don't allow group biking on that road
cause the shoulder's so bad. That was an hour or so. Otherwise, you
can ride in the van as much or as little as you like. If you're tired
or just having a bad day, or just don't feel like doing a particular
hill, you can grab a lift and still have a good time. No judgments.
It's your experience to have as you wish.

The roads are generally very good for biking, nice wide shoulders.
You get a florescent triangle (to keep) to put on the pack of your
bike (or body) so the sag wagon can easily pick you up as a member of
the group.

Being with all women is very empowering. There is not the kind of
one-upmanship, competitiveness, etc. that there sometimes is in
mixed athletic endeavors. There is a nice feeling in the group. There
are women of all ages and backgrounds. We had women in their late
60's who rode every mile and then some! There are women who bike a
great deal, have been on lots of centuries or tours or whatever, and
some who are just starting to bike. But you stop and go as you
please, stopping to look at mts or birds or rivers or bears or
whatever you feel like. Some start earlier than others; some arrive
at the day's destination later than others. There's lots of
flexibility and freedom, yet the knowledge that there's help or
companionship if you want or need it. They do keep some track of
where folks generally are, by watching, letting us know where they'd
next be stopping for a break or so we could refill water etc,

WomanTours does a great job with all aspects of producing the trip. I
recommend this trip or any they are doing. The leaders are
knowledgeable, friendly, know how to handle unexpected things without
panicing, etc. The scenery was great, they planned some special
places to lunch. There was one place we went after the day's riding
(Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone) that we had to leave our bikes and
all go in the van. Well worth it!

I am doing the Death Valley trip with them in February, so I guess
that speaks for the faith I have in them and what a good experience
it was for me. This time, I hope to have done a bit more training!

Let me know if you have other questions. See you on the road!