Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fitness and Flossing

I’ve always been religious about getting my teeth cleaned every six months. And every six months I’ve had to endure sitting through another lecture about the benefits of flossing. It was obvious to my dentist that I never flossed.

That is until the day I met a new dental hygienist who suggested I floss once or twice a week, or whenever I remembered. She gave me the freedom to stop beating myself up over not flossing every day, and since then, I’ve become a regular flosser.

Fitness is a lot like flossing. I focus on working out once or twice a week, or whenever I feel like it. I don’t beat myself up over missing a day. This is particularly significant in the fall and winter when the days are short, the sun hangs low, and the breezes run cold. I let the weather dictate my activity.

If it’s sunny but chilly, I’ll take a walk in the park; if there’s snow on the ground, I’ll ski. If it’s pouring rain, I’ll go to a club and lift weights or join a yoga class. And if it’s that rare day when the jet stream brings a warm front, I’ll don my cycling wear and go for a bike ride.

I’m not one for making or keeping resolutions. That’s an easy way to set yourself up for failure. If you set a goal of working out every day, or every other day, or once a week, life will get in the way and you’ll quickly miss a day and have failed.

I believe in setting a goal and letting the goal be your reward. Just as I need that 6-month cleaning to keep me flossing and hear the dentist say, “no cavities,” you need that periodic reminder to stay fit. Now’s the time to sit down, do some research and find a fitness goal/reward for the early spring.

It can be an organized event. Consider the metric century over Valentine’s Day weekend in Myrtle Beach. Or take up running and train for a 5k in a city you’ve always wanted to visit. It’s easy to find listings of events on such websites as or

Or there’s nothing like an active vacation to keep you active all winter. You won’t want to be the slowest in the group. WomanTours, Adventures in Good Company and Canyon Calling are all excellent places to find great trips.

Whatever you choose as your goal/reward, be sure you commit to it. Sign up and pay the registration fee. Tell everyone of your plans. And then when the sun shines, go outside and work out. And when the sun doesn’t shine, stay inside and work out. Don’t worry if you miss a day or a specific workout. Just aim for a few times a week, and keep your fitness goal/reward in mind. And when you remember, try to floss. Your dentist will thank you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Adirondacks Tour for 2009

I'm just back from working on a multi-sport tour in Adirondack State Park for next year. Here are Pat and I at the top of the second highest peak in the Adirondacks - Algonquin. Three of us hiked to over 4000 feet in 9 miles. Charm is taking this photo with her camera, as I'd forgotten mine!

Come join us next year when we're scheduled to climb another "high peak:" Big Slide Mountain. And we'll do some kayaking and biking in addition to the hiking. Come on our newest multi-sport tour to the Adirondacks of New York.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Reunion Ride to Letchworth State Park

WomanTours reunions happen all over the country all year long. Women who meet on our tours meet to bike together again later, sometimes on another tour and sometimes on their own. A bunch of us here in Rochester planned our own get together to bike the unpaved Genesee Valley Greenways trail 48 miles to Letchworth State Park and then back again. It was a stunning day, unusually warm and sunny for October.

Left to right: Annette planned the outing. She's been on many of our tours as official photographer. Elaine is from our first Southern Tier tour and more recently from our Underground Railroad tour. Then there's me. Marilyn is from countless tours, Barb has been on 6 past tours and Bess was our essential SAG driver, because she doesn't bike.

Three of us camped, 2 slept in the SAG van and one of us got a motel room. It was a great couple days, but it always is when you're on a bike. Barb says that next year we should make a century out of it and go out and back in one day. Let us know if you want to join us next time!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New 2009 WomanTours catalog is in the mail

Email or call us with a name of a woman from the cover of our new catalog, and receive a free pair of socks. They're beautiful pink in honor of breast cancer month. You only need 1 name, as it's only 1 pair of socks per person. Hint - the women are on our last year's cross-country tour.