Monday, October 13, 2008

Reunion Ride to Letchworth State Park

WomanTours reunions happen all over the country all year long. Women who meet on our tours meet to bike together again later, sometimes on another tour and sometimes on their own. A bunch of us here in Rochester planned our own get together to bike the unpaved Genesee Valley Greenways trail 48 miles to Letchworth State Park and then back again. It was a stunning day, unusually warm and sunny for October.

Left to right: Annette planned the outing. She's been on many of our tours as official photographer. Elaine is from our first Southern Tier tour and more recently from our Underground Railroad tour. Then there's me. Marilyn is from countless tours, Barb has been on 6 past tours and Bess was our essential SAG driver, because she doesn't bike.

Three of us camped, 2 slept in the SAG van and one of us got a motel room. It was a great couple days, but it always is when you're on a bike. Barb says that next year we should make a century out of it and go out and back in one day. Let us know if you want to join us next time!

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