Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Tour in Basilicata Italy

We're awfully busy in our off-season creating new tours. Our newest is in Basilicata, the instep of the boot, as they say. Basilicata is near the Tuscany region of Southern Italy, but it's not nearly as well-known. We'll have it to ourselves.

Basilicata by Bike.

We'll visit Sassi and its ancient maze of cave dwellings carved from the limestone. They film all the movies about Christ here. We'll bike through the country's largest natural wilderness -- Pollino National Park -- formed to preserve the Pale Bark Pine tree. Who knew?

So start saving now and join us next fall in Basilicata....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Our newest tour: Blue Ridge Rambler

As many women come back to tour with us year after year, we're always working on new tours. One of our favorite guides, Kimberly, just developed our newest tour: the Blue Ridge Rambler.

It starts and ends in her home town of Asheville, North Carolina. She says it's not as "out there" as our Alaska tour, but it's as close as we can come and still be in North Carolina. Lots of quiet, rural roads with incredibly beautiful views. It's one of our more challenging tours. I can't wait to bike it next summer!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Portland Oregon - a Cycling Culture

Read this terrific article from the NY Times about the cycling culture that has developed in Portland, Oregon. How perfect that we've designed our very own 4-week Northwest Loop for 2009 to start and end in Portland.

We'll be sure to include highlights of some of the bicycling sites around the town in our tour. One of our favorite guides, Ellee, who hales from Portland, is working on the tour right now. Email us if you'd like more information about it. It's so new -- it's not even on our website yet!