Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Year

I just finished my first full year at WomanTours and I can’t help but take this time to reflect upon it all. It’s been a wonderful ride. But the best part has been getting out on tour and actually meeting some of the women I’ve spoken to on the phone or written email messages to in the middle of the night.

I biked a century with the women on the Cross Country tour in Alabama. I met up with the cyclists on the Mississippi tour in the heart of the delta where we dined on barbecued ribs and apple crisp. I helped guide the Terry Tour in Maryland, the Tour de Tetons in Idaho, the Big Island Tour in Hawaii, and the Finger Lakes Tour in my own backyard. Yes, it’s been a busy year.

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards, notes and photos. How cool to know that a picture of your bike in front of the Hawaiian bakery where we all stopped on our way to the Black Sand Beach was your chosen holiday card. How wonderful to see you looking so happy in a WomanTours jersey on your bicycle waving. How awesome to see the elegant ornaments you made out of our Finger Lakes cue sheets. When I’m up late at night worrying about one or another detail, I just have to think of some of these photos and cards, and the worries subside (at least for a short while.…)

It’s been a great year, and I am so looking forward to 2006. I hope you are too. I can’t wait to get out there on my bike and ride some more with you.

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