Thursday, February 23, 2006

Back at the Office

For all of you wondering who's really in charge around here, now you can see Jennifer hard at work at the office. When she's not on the phone answering one of your questions, she's sending out tour registration confirmation packets, paying the hotel bills, or keeping track of where our vans are on the map behind her.

Not only is she the greatest Office Manager a company could have, she's also my sister. We shared a bedroom growing up, so it's only appropriate that we share an office now. Sometimes her daughters stop by after a basketball practice. Sometimes our mother brings homemade soup for lunch.

I leave tomorrow to guide the Arizona Spring Training Tour and then head to San Diego to start the women off on the 3000 mile Cross Country tour to Jacksonville, Florida. So be kind to Jen, as she'll be the only one here for 3 weeks. But she'll get to have all the soup to herself.

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