Saturday, March 17, 2007

What's a SAG stop?

There is no better way to describe a SAG stop than to show our very first one on our cross country Southern Tier tour. Here is our trusty Subaru, about 20 miles into our first day's ride, expertly manned by Kaye Whitney. It's a place to fill up on water and snacks, apply more sunscreen, ice a sore muscle, get news of the terrain ahead, or just share in the joy of the ride.

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Ben said...

The Original Wild Hogs...

ran into the WomenTours bikers at both Ft Davis and Marathon Tx during breakfast. Found your web site and stopped in to say howdy.

The Texas bad biker boys are;

Mike Harrison (Harley)
Ronny Zmolik (Harley)
David Hunter (Harley)
Mike Chesser (Goldwing)
Noland ? (Goldwing)
Jerry Hall (VTX)
And yours truly, Ben Tyner (Valkyrie)

Hope all of your days are rewarding and each finds your trip safe.


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