Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nominate your favorite WomanTours bike tour guide!

Every year, Adventure Cycling awards someone who has contributed to bicycle touring. Please nominate your favorite WomanTours guide. We’d love any one of them to win this prestigious honor.
Did Patty remember to cook you that favorite meal on your birthday?
Did Michelle’s singing touch your heart?
Did Laurie’s humor touch your soul?
Did Linda teach you something about bikes you never thought you’d learn?
Did Denise’s thoughtfulness make your day?
Did Lynne’s inner strength show you your own?
Did Kimberly’s passion for life keep you going when you needed it most?
Did Linda’s meals bring back childhood memories?
Did Ellee’s perseverance inspire you?
Did Vicky’s enthusiasm about Maine make you appreciate your own home?
Did Nancy’s strength show you how to keep it together when all around you was falling apart?

Then please nominate her and tell Adventure Cycling your story. It will only take a minute. Thank you!
Please click here to nominate your favorite WomanTours guide.

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