Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Notes that Make our Day

We received this email from Val who had just finished our Death Valley bike tour. Here it is verbatim.

You're quite welcome...although every time I go on one of these, I feel like I should be thanking you (& Gloria & Jennifer & Denise & Michelle and all the other wonderful women that make these possible!)

I was a little hesitant to go on my first multi-day tour alone last year but it was phenomenal! It was such an amazing group of incredibly diverse & inspirational women that I felt certain it must have been a fluke...surely they can't all be this good, I thought. And when I got off the plane last year, my husband took one look at me and said, "So...which one are you doing next year?" As a more-than-full-time working mom of a 5 year-old with a husband in law school, I desperately needed to take some time & re-charge my own batteries and it was amazing to me -- not only how good for the soul that week was for me -- but that he could visibly see how changed I felt when I got back.

And, while I didn't think it was possible, Death Valley was even better this year! I couldn't book the next one fast enough when I got back! That annual trip has now become "my" time and my daughter no longer whines about me being gone for it any more...just that she's too young to come along with me!

Thanks again! You ladies are doing an amazing thing...keep up the good work!



cconz said...

hi jackie, after reading this email from val, it makes me want to sign up. I have'nt stopped thinking about doing another trip with you. The death valley trip sounds pretty cool!!Remember me? The hawaii trip.

Jackie Marchand said...

I wish you'd left your name! I don't know who this is, but I hope you come back so I can find out!