Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogs about our Tours

Follow tour photographers Annette and Beth as they drive the WomanTours Subaru "Bo Peep" support vehicle across the country to get ready for our Southern Tier 2009 cross-country bike tour. They're documenting their journey via photo and video blog here.

Then follow some of the women who will bike the Southern Tier tour on their blogs:
Patty Gadarian
Marni Harang
Peggy Kehew
Nancy Kelley
Laurey Masterton
Carol Moehrke
Susan Rosenthal
Marci Silverman
Elisabeth Tully

I'm about to leave for our Crossing the Andes tour in Argentina and Chile. You can read Sue Rapp's blog about our tour while we're gone.

Hopefully, all this reading will get you hankering to get out there on your bike yourself!


jim said...

I was at the start of the ride this morning in San Diego, taking a few photos and getting information for a local newspaper. I wish you all a safe trip and I have forwarded some photos to the web page.

Jim Grant

cconz said...

jackie, i love reading about all the fun you girls are having. It gets me SOOOO fired up. I was planning on another tour this year but bill and i are going to Machu pichu in peru. in acouple of months. What an adventure that will be. 46 mile hike. straight up.But soon,another adventure with you.Cathie of lone tree, iowa (Hawaii tour).

Jackie Marchand said...

We'll be here when Bill doesn't want to bike with you!