Friday, July 17, 2009

In a car, scenery is wallpaper....

I don't often read articles about people's bicycling travels. I get too jealous and beat myself up over being inside reading, rather than out there cycling. But my parents had cut out the NY Times article for me and the headline, "4 Days and 2 Wheels on the Oregon Coast" caught my attention. I'd be joining our Northwest Loop tour next month to bike up the Oregon coast myself.

I was quickly taken in by author David Laskin's first paragraph:
In a car, you'd cover the hundred miles of the southern third of the Oregon coast in a couple of hours, and you'd think, How gorgeous! But on a bike, you don't so much view the scenery as absorb it....In a car, scenery is wallpaper. On a bike, it's your mission."

I knew I'd found a true comrade. Feel free to read the article yourself, and then get out there and absorb some scenery!

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