Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bicycling with your Local Bike Club

I've been spending a lot of time in Lynchburg, Virginia and the weather has been gorgeous lately. This morning I set out to meet the "B Group - no one gets left behind ride" from the local bike shop.

After a couple miles of dying, trying to hold on, I told the group that I was going to do my own ride and they should go on without me. The 15 men were way too fast for me - no surprise. A couple of them valiantly protested, but we all knew they'd be happier without me.

Then another of the two women in the group volunteered to go with me. She admitted that they were too fast for her too. We set off together and chatted some, but she was obviously stronger than me. She waited at the first turns for me, but for no more than 20 seconds, as I was always within sight. And then, during the second half of the ride, she disappeared. She dropped me. I rode back alone to the bike shop's empty parking lot and drove home.

You know I'll never try that again! Unfortunately, people like that do bicycling a disservice. They give the sport a bad name. And they wonder why more people don't bike.

Thank goodness for our tours, where I can bike with women - some faster, some slower - who will wait for each other and always stick around to cheer the last one into the parking lot at the end of the day.


lauren said...

This is exactly why, at home, I bike with the Herndon Cyclists. No one gets left, no one is out to prove how fast they are, we just have fun. I'm so glad Robin started the group.

Jackie Marchand said...

Lucky you! Guess I have to keep looking for a group like that in Lynchburg...or start my own.

Anne Cowan said...

Lynchburg is not far from me so you should come and ride with us. We never drop anyone either, and we are not a club, just a group of folks who love to ride! Are you living in Lynchburg?

Blue Nun said...

jackie -- You are not alone. This has happened to me too, but I have finally found a bike club that will wait (in fact I even wait for some of them). It is called Skyline Cycling Club and 2 days a week they have a "Youthful Seniors" ride. The ages range from 50-80, and the people are supportive, fun, and good cyclists who don't take themselves too seriously. Boo to Lynchburg. Pam

Jackie Marchand said...

Looks like your club is in California - too far for me! Oh well. Thanks for your support Pam and lucky you!