Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Work on the Arizona Spring Training tour

Not to be outdone by my sister (see below,) I was recently in Tucson working on the improvements we've made to our Arizona bike tour. We're biking on 2 bike paths through the city now and visiting the awesome Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum again. I was so glad to see that the outside restoration of the San Xavier Del Bac Mission is finished and the scaffolding is gone. We bike there on a Monday now, so we can actually go into the church and not interrupt the Sunday service.

If you've already done this tour, it may be time to come back and do it again. Then you can let us know if the 3 new bike rides, 2 new Tucson restaurants, and changes in the hotels are the improvements we think they are. Arizona is still the best place to bike in the States during the dead of winter!

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Lauren Halverson said...

Sooo tempting. Wish I had some vacation to use for it.