Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Tour Planning

Just as our current touring season is getting underway, we're busy working on bike tours for future years. For beginners, we're bringing back our Katy Trail tour in Missouri, as well as creating a new Canal Trail and Spa tour in upstate New York.

A new moderate tour will be a shorter, 4-day tour in Michigan, designed by one of our guests - thanks Mel! It includes a winery visit, a climb on a 240' sand dune off Lake Michigan and a ride to the International Friendship Gardens.

Our newest advanced tour will be a 2-week trek around Lake Ontario. We're designing it with our cross-country cyclists in mind, with longer days, dinners out of the trailer, and our trusty Subaru SAG wagon.

We also have a lot of international travel plans in the works, so I'd love your input. Click here to cast your vote for where you'd like to travel interntionally with us.

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Jane said...

Hi Jackie - putting in my plug again for a Yosemite tour :-). Hope you are having a great winter. Can't wait for Yellowstone !! Regards, Jane Heidcamp