Monday, March 08, 2010

Southern Tier cross-country bike tour takes off!

Our 2010 Southern Tier cross-country bike tour left San Diego last Friday on a gorgeous sunny spring day. All 25 of them made it 40 miles down the road to the first stop in Alpine, at an altitude of 1800'. The group consists of a pair of sisters, a couple women in their 70s and a big bunch of bloggers. I think we have them all listed below now. We wish them a wonderful ride!

JoAnn Bary
Linda Beiler
Karen Cooper
Sue Hersman
Suzanne Howze
Kathy Kirby
Katie Lemley
Lois Nafziger
Rita Rowe

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nsites said...

Trying to get a message to Barbara McNary- I cannot see them in Pensacola but could do Dauphin island or mississippi?
Nancy Sites