Thursday, December 09, 2010

Give an Adventure Cycling Membership

We are a proud Gold Sponsor of the nonprofit organization Adventure Cycling. These folks out in Missoula, Montana work to inspire people to bicycle by researching the best cycling routes, producing the incredibly detailed bike maps, and publishing the fascinating Adventure Cyclist magazine.

In return for our donation, they gave us 10 annual memberships to give away. We'd like to give them to you to give to someone else. That seems only appropriate given the holiday season. We'll gift them to you so you can pass them onto someone who could use a little inspiration to get on their bike.

Let us know who could use a free membership.  Leave a comment to this blog here, write on our wall or comment on Facebook. If you'd like more privacy, send me an email to jackie at We'll send memberships out to the most compelling messages. Thanks and happy holidays!


Elisabeth E. Tully said...

Lindsay Cook, who lives in Portland OR, is a bike enthusiast with a busy life. She has a 2-year old, is finishing a Masters in Environmental Biology, and is trying to make ends meet while her husband is also in school. (That means only a shared clunker car.) She loves the Trek that she got for her birthday last year, and got a used baby trailer on Craig's List so that she can take her son on rides. She'd love a membership.

Jackie Marchand said...

Send me her address and I'll send it her way. She sounds as if she could really use a bike ride once in awhile. Thanks!

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

I came across your web site and thought what you offer is pretty cool, so I blogged about it to let my triathlete friends know about it.

You can see my post here:

I'm learning to like biking, so I'd love a subscription to check it out! Thanks and have a great holiday!

Jackie Marchand said...

I'll send it your way. Thanks! And good luck with your Ironman training - you're awesome!

Shelly Hasselbring said...

I am a new cyclist! I love it! My husband bought me a Giant Defy and I want to know everything there is to know about this sport! I am looking forward to going on a WomanTour soon with a friend. I would LOVE a subscription to the magazine.

Shelly Hasselbring
4500 E. Adobe Rd.
Ponca City, OK. 75604

Jackie Marchand said...

You'll get the last one. Thanks for writing in Shelly. Enjoy that bike!