Friday, July 08, 2011

Follow the blogs of our Second Northern Tier Tour

Our second Northern Tier tour began this week. You can follow their journey through their blogs here:
Judie Davidson
Carolyn Froeberg
Kit Fruscione
Peggy Kehew 
Ellen Martyn 
Clark Taylor
Elisabeth Tully
Susan Rosenthal

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Lynn Welbourn said...

I'm LOVING following this ride, despite the heat you all are dealing with. You all have my admiration, cheer, pride, and amazement! Glad you are smart enough to know when enough is enough and bump now and then. As I follow along, I'm having wonderful memories, not only of last year's Northern Tier, but of a similarly HOT ride through Iowa on RAGBRAI years ago. Today we had 103 degrees in Boston. Hope the cooler air is finally passing over you.