Friday, March 22, 2013

Outer Banks for Mothers Day Winners Chosen

After reading through almost 50 applicants for our Mother's DayOuter Banks Tour, we found ourselves wanting to offer this tour to everyone who applied. There were so many compelling stories of brave women rising above adversity and losses in their lives. It was a difficult task to narrow it down to just one pair of women!

It is with great pleasure, however, to announce our selection - Janet and Uli from Florida. Janet felt an immediate connection when she first met Uli, as Uli was born with the very same condition her mother had, who died when Janet was only 16 years old. Uli was born in Germany and spent her childhood in an orphanage there. According to Janet, Uli has never let this physical handicap stop her. She volunteers in her community and even cycles regularly in charity rides. According to Janet, it's Uli's "nurturing nature" that makes her feel like her "surrogate mom."

Please join us in celebrating Uli's strength in persevering against the obstacles she has faced in her life, and the special bond these two women have!

They are off to our Outer Banks of North Carolina tour!

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