Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Our 20 years of annual tour catalogs.
The year 2015 marks our 20th anniversary! WomanTours is among a select few - only a quarter of all companies succeed this long. We’ve had a wonderful couple of decades!

I owe our success … to all of you who keep coming back to travel with us. Women like Mary, Margaret, Marlene and Cheryl who between them have taken nearly 100 tours. Thank you!

… to all of you who have stepped out of your comfort zones to join a tour for the first time. It may be your first experience traveling on your own, your first trip out of the country, your first ride longer than 10 miles, or your first attempt to use clipless pedals. I continue to be amazed and humbled by your bravery.

… to our founder, Gloria Smith, who had the initiative and foresight to bicycle across the country and then start this company.

… to the best guides in the business – women who have worked with me for years, who make hard work look easy, and who I know are a big reason so many of you keep coming back. 

… and lastly, to family - to my sisters Jen and Michelle who always have my back, to my cousin Kelly for her fresh perspective and cool confidence, and to Sandra who is like a sister. She showed me the ropes early on and continues to run our western office with aplomb.

Thank you for helping WomanTours become the world’s leading bicycle touring company for women. Here’s to our next 20 years and Happy New Year!

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