Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finger Lakes Tour

I probably shouldn't display this photo. I'm afraid I'll scare everyone off from what I think is one of the best tours we offer. But perhaps I'm biased as the Finger Lakes are my backyard. Nice quiet roads, green vineyards and beautiful blue lakes. And at the top of every hill is a gorgeous view. But, of course, you have to get to the top. As Virginia, Gaia and Claudia are doing so well here.

It was a great tour and a great group of women. But they'll never let me live down the time I told them the hill was short. But really it was short -- compared to what they had coming up....

But now I know I'm scaring you off. The Finger Lakes aren't all hilly. We found plenty of flat roads to bike along beside the lakes. And on the last day, they were blessed with a wonderful tailwind. Now they're all talking about their next tour. I can't wait either.

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