Sunday, September 03, 2006

Changing Gear Documentary

Last year, Lisa Burd came on our cross country Southern Tier tour to make her first feature length documentary about women bicycling across the USA.

Lisa was inspired to attend film school when she first rode across the country with WomanTours in 1999. She was so touched by the other women's stories that she swore she'd come back.

And what a film she has made. It is a touching, thought provoking, and fascinating story of the women and their determination. For a quick promo of the film, go to its website ChangingGearFilm. Once on the site, click on Promotional Trailer.

Now that it's been shown to the women who appear in the documentary, we're hoping to get it included in film festivals, picked up by a distributor, and ultimately, televised on public television. It has already been chosen as 1 of 4 finalists for the award for best feature-length documentary in New Zealand.

If you or anyone you know can help, please post a comment. It's a great movie!

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hansonca96 said...

Have you tried contacting these folks?

Good luck! Trailer looks great!