Monday, March 10, 2008

Southern Tier Cross-Country Tour 2008 has Begun!

We had a perfect beautiful sunny day to start our cross-country Southern Tier bike tour this year. All 32 women dipped their rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean last Friday to begin their 3000+ mile trek across the country.

Several of the women on the tour are keeping blogs during the trip. You can follow their journeys by clicking below:
Cheryl Berman
Phyllis Biegun
Penny Bradley
Mary Kay Engel
Jane Irwin
Ellen Martyn
Barbara Minnick
Debbie Smythe
Jan Sward
Clark Taylor
Arda Tole

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, Ihope you see this note. I'll be following your progress over the next weeks. I've read a number of the blogs by the other ladies, how fun this group sounds! Is that Marilyn on one knee in the picture you posted? Safe travels and pleasant tailwinds to you and everyone on the tour. Karen Suitor (Indianapolis)