Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WomanTours Cross-Country Tour Plan

I receive a lot of emails asking why we don't do more varied cross-country routes, so I'd like to explain here how we make our cross-country tour plans. We schedule the Southern Tier every year. It is the shortest way to cross on the classic Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean route.

We fill the Southern Tier tour every year, and lately, we've had waiting lists for it. We do it slower than any other company and we don't camp. We also offer the cheapest per day rate than any other non-camping cross-country touring company out there.

In addition to our annual Southern Tier tour, we're able to coordinate 1 other cross-country tour per year. We just don't have the resources (vehicles and guides) to support any more than that. We usually choose shorter routes, so more women can afford the time to do them. Last year, it was the 6-week long Meandering Mississippi and this year, we're doing the Underground Railroad.

Next year, we've planned a 4-week Northwest Loop from Portland, Oregon, incorporating parts of the TransAmerica and the Lewis & Clark Trail. We choose a different tour every year, as there isn't enough interest in just one other tour to fill it every year.

It takes a lot of time and money to plan a cross-country tour. We need to drive thousands of miles to confirm the route. Just imagine the cost in gas!

If there are cross-country routes that interest you, please send me an email. I keep track of the interest and use it in planning the schedule. Thanks!

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