Friday, May 30, 2008

Beginner Bicyclists

Who comes on our beginner bike tours?

Meet Angela Gonzales. A big indoor spinner, she'd never biked outside on roads. Never bicycled in traffic, never shifted gears or had to brake. Until she came on our 4-day beginner Maryland Eastern Shore bike tour last week.

She biked a personal best when she completed 20 miles on the first day. She tripled that and biked 60 miles the following day. When her hybrid rental bike broke down, all we had in her size was a road bike. She loved it, and then there was no stopping her.

You can meet Angela Gonzales yourself on our Northwest Loop next year. She's already signed up.

From a 4-day beginner tour to a 4-week advanced cross-country tour. Our tours help women realize they can do way more than they ever thought possible.

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