Monday, June 16, 2008

Underground Railroad bike tour a Success!

Congratulations to all the women on our Underground Railroad bike tour. They rolled into Niagara Falls on Friday and crossed the border into Canada to successfully complete their 1900-mile journey.

It will be a couple years until we repeat the Underground Railroad tour, so keep an eye on our schedule if you want to do it with us next time. Many of these women have already signed up to do our Northwest Loop in 2009. There's no better compliment - thank you!

For 2010, we're considering doing one-half of the Northern Tier and the other half in 2011. Let me know if that appeals to you.


Joan said...

What a fantastic picture...what a great bunch of women! Thanks for the memories. Joan

patty r said...

What kind of a camera took this picture? It is a beauty!
I'm sitting here , at work, it is 4am and all I can think about is how and when am I gonna get to take a long bike ride again!
These blogs are great for all of us who have been on tours, who want to go on tours and who can only dream of having the time to go on more tours!!

Patty Fainer...a not so recent biker but I have many fun memories to keep me forever dreaming!!

Jackie Marchand said...

Sometimes we have professional photographers Annette and Beth accompany our tours. They took this lovely photo. You can see links to their blogs to the right on this blog and you can see their beautiful work in our annual print catalog.

Patty - I hope you come back to join us again sometime!