Monday, June 30, 2008

Biking Buddies from Bike Tours

One of the best things about our bike tours is the friends you make. This past Saturday, I biked 58 miles with Barb Kassel. She just finished our Underground Railroad tour and even though she's probably 15-20 years my senior, she had to do a lot of waiting up for me.

The weekend before, I biked with Elaine Miller. She was one of our SAG drivers on the same Underground Railroad tour. She's even a little older, and all I know is how tired my legs were the next morning when I tried to bike again.

Jennifer (from our office) biked with Lynore Del Sette a couple weeks ago. Lynore lives in Boston, but found herself in our area. She and Jennifer met on our Alaska tour last year. New York isn't Alaska, but the two of them biked over 150 miles in 2 days double-checking some of the routes from our Finger Lakes tour.

It isn't always about biking either. Michelle (from our office) had lunch with Melinda Hartman last week. They met on our Outer Banks tour this past spring.

I know there's a whole network of women out there who have met each other on our tours. A WomanTours network. If you have any ideas on how we can foster it and harness all that energy, let me know.

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