Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston to Provincetown Bike Ride

If you need a good reason to go out and train this spring, or if you're just looking for a real challenge, consider joining a few of us on the Outriders 130-mile bike ride this June. Bicycle from Boston to Provincetown on June 20, 2009.

This isn't a WomanTours event. There's no SAG support, but the route is extremely well-organized, very well-marked and there are food breaks every 30 miles. They cap registrations at 300 people and usually donate to worthy causes with any leftover proceeds.

It's one of those rides that makes you feel really good when it's over. We always celebrate by going out to eat and a few of us will have to helped out of our chairs to leave the restaurant. Walking can be hard after bicycling 130 miles!

It's a great event - let me know if you want to join me.


Anne Cowan said...

Oh, Jackie, I would LOVE to do this ride!! But, I am starting Bike Virginia that day. Have fun on the ride. Are you going with anybody I know...Marilee?

Robin said...

Jackie, we didn't officially meet, but I was on this year's southern tier tour and came late to dinner the night you stopped by and left right after dinner to work on the talent show with compadres.
I am not a fast rider but if you want some company, I signed up for the ride this week from Boston to PTown . If not, perhaps we can chat before or after the ride. Don't know what my plans are after the ride. Haven't figured out if I'm staying overnight or heading home..
Robin Sewell