Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kudos from a Bicyclist on our Natchez Trace Tour

What a wonderful way to start the day: to open my email and see this message from Jackie of Delaware, Ohio. She just finished our Natchez Trace Tour of Mississippi.

If I wanted to do another tour, it would be with you guys.  You will get an "excellent" always from me when someone asks about your company.  The biggest thing is if I'm tired, I can stop riding.  If there's something wrong with my bicycle, it will get fixed.  If I'm the last one, someone is with me until I finish and they coach  you a little to get you to finish even when I would rather give up!  Oh!  We are fed like it's the last supper!  There's always great food.
Thanks much for a great vacation!  Keep doing what you do. 

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