Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Cheers from WomanTours

My neighbor and avid bicyclist, Dave, erected this tribute to cycling Santa in his yard this year.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or believe in Santa Claus, you have to be struck by the amount of planning and work that went into creating this impressive lawn art.

It makes us think a lot about the work we put into our tours and why we do it. Like Dave, if we can get a few smiles, some cheers, or an arm pumping at the top of a hill, it makes our day.

It also makes me think about the planning and training many women undertake when they come on a tour with us, especially for their first time. It’s wonderful to be part of someone’s first 50-mile day, or first time breaking 35 mph down a hill, or first experience traveling on her own.

Thank you for another wonderful year at WomanTours. We hope that whatever your goals are for 2014, you’ll reach them with a lot of hard work and determination because those are the best goals worth achieving. We hope to be celebrating with you with both arms raised high.

Have a great holiday season and happy new year!

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