Friday, March 07, 2014

Southern Tier tour takes off for Florida

Our 2014 Southern Tier cross-country bike tour left San Diego for the 3000-mile, 2-month trip to St. Augustine, Florida. Here they are this morning dipping their rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean. Wish the women luck!

You can follow their ride by following these blogs:

Cathy Allinder
Rona Altschuler
Karen Coffey
Lynn Kelly Avery
Janine LaBossiere
Karen Lankeshofer
Sheila Ruckley
Gail Vanderlee
Sharlene Washington


laurie said...

This is the trip I want to take when I turn 60 (4 years). I will be following the blog posts.

Jackie Marchand said...

Great! We'll look for you Laurie!